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Gi det Videre (Farsø, Denmark)
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De åndelige embeter : apostel, profet. The spiritual offices : apostle, prophet. [Norwegian]


Farsø, Denmark : Gi det Videre, [1970s]


18 p. ; 30 cm.


Gi det Videre (Farsø, Denmark), a Pentecostal-charismatic community of six people, existed from 1973 to 1975. It was led by Swedish Pentecostal Lars Henriksson, a 1972 graduate of Aril Edvardsen's Troens Bevis school in Norway. Gi det Videre published booklets (primarily translations of booklets and audio recordings of Derek Prince and his ministry colleagues) in Norwegian, Swedish, Hungarian, and Romanian.

Based on writings or recordings of Derek Prince

Studieplan for kristne disipler ; Studie 16


Apostles--20th century.
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Prophets--20th century.
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Church--Authority--Pentecostal authors.
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