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The FPHC has manually indexed six periodicals:

  • Assemblies of God Heritage, 1981-2020
  • Confidence, 1908-1926
  • Latter Rain Evangel, 1908-1939
  • The Pentecost, 1908-1910
  • Pentecostal Evangel, 1913-2002
  • Word and Witness, 1912-1915

The Index Search allows the user to search for articles by author, title, date, and subject. The Index Search is only available on the FPHC website.

Full-Text Search and Browse

The FPHC is a member of the Consortium of Pentecostal Archives (CPA). The FPHC has placed over 250,000 pages of digitized periodicals, books, and other publications on the CPA website, which provides access using Full-Text Search and Browse options.

The CPA website includes the six titles accessible using the Index Search, plus over 90 other periodical and book titles, in addition to digitized publications from other Pentecostal archives.

Helpful Research Tips

Most researchers will find a combination of Index Search, Full-Text Search, and Browse options desirable.

Index Search allows the user to search by author, title, date, and subject. Only the terms entered by the indexer appear in search results. Index Search is most valuable if you are looking for a specific article or a list of articles by an author.

Full-Text Search allows publications that have been digitized and processed with OCR (optical character recognition) technology to be searched. The quality of character recognition for materials varies, depending upon the legibility of the original materials. Therefore, Full-Text Search does not necessarily return all instances of the search term.

Users who want to be assured that their research is as complete as possible should use the Browse option to read through all desired materials.

Most digitized materials on the FPHC and CPA websites are accessible without registration. However, certain restricted materials on the FPHC and CPA websites are only available to registered users. For instance, only registered users may access the Pentecostal Evangel from 1970 to 2014. Click here to learn more about becoming a registered user, which is free.

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