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Frodsham, Stanley H.
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GPH tracts : Have ye received the Holy Ghost? Evangel tract No. 422 ; Tract no. 4268; Tract no. 34-4268.


Springfield, MO : Gospel Publishing House [19??]


4 p. ; 15 cm.


There is another (slightly longer) version of this tract published by the Russian & Eastern European Mission (ID: 68938).

Holdings: 7 copies; 1) early printing, Evangel tract no. 422, no cover graphics (all other copies have a graphic), Frodsham's name spelled out (all other copies have S.H.F.), GPH address listed as Springfield, Mo (no numbers).

Holdings: 2) this and all subsequent printings have a slightly edited text from the earliest printing; tract no. 4268, GPH address listed as Springfield 1, Mo. (all later versions have Springfield, Mo. 65802)

Holdings: the other 5 copies are tract no. 34-4268; copies 3) and 4) have the same cover graphic as no. 2, which is printed in black only (the other 3 copies have a color graphic); copies 3) and 4) are printed on different color paper (pink and green), they may be the same or different printings

Holdings: copies 5), 6) and 7) have a cover graphic that is different from no.2-4; the graphic for no.5 (blue) and no.6 (green) is nearly the same, but with slight differences; the graphic for no.7 (purple) is distinct, but similar; there is no indication of printing dates (therefore, it is not possible to state the order of printing)


Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
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