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Assemblies of God USA (1926-1969)

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  • christ's Ambassadors Monthly (1928-1930)
  • christ's Ambassadors Herald (1931-1950)
  • christ's Ambassadors Monthly (1951-1970)

Christ's Ambassadors, the Assemblies of God young people's organization, originated in 1925 as a youth program in California congregations. Initially called Pentecostal Ambassadors for Christ, within a year the program changed its name to Christ's Ambassadors and began to be adopted in churches across the nation.

A periodical named Christ's Ambassadors began publication in 1926 to network Assemblies of God young people. The title changed to Christ's Ambassadors Monthly in 1928. In 1931, the place of publication moved from Springfield, Missouri, to Los Angeles, California, and the title changed to Christ's Ambassadors Herald. The magazine returned to Springfield in 1932.

The purpose of Christ's Ambassadors Herald was to "inspire the local groups by the exchange of fellowship and news." In its early decades, Christ's Ambassadors ministered to people ages 13 through 35. The content of Christ's Ambassadors Herald reflected this wide age span, including articles about issues of import to young people in junior high, high school, college, and the workplace. The magazine discussed subjects such as dating, family, education, and also included devotional literature, biographical sketches of youth heroes, numerous articles about missions, and material to help the development of local Christ's Ambassadors chapters.

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