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What will I find at the FPHC in Springfield, MO?

We encourage you to visit the FPHC in Springfield, Missouri, where you may explore our inspiring museum and do research using our extensive collections.

Our collections includes headquarters documents, correspondence, published and unpublished histories, books, periodicals, news clips, personal papers, diaries, photographs, audiovisual materials (including oral histories), memorabilia, and other materials. Our resources are protected in an 800-square-foot vault with compact, movable shelving. Not only is our vault fireproof, it is also designed to protect documents against damaging light and changes in humidity and temperature.

The Adele Flower Dalton Research Room provides visitors with a quiet atmosphere in which to examine our archival holdings. This environment is free of external distraction, yet close enough to staff members if help is needed. The research room can accommodate up to 14 researchers at a time. For our researchers' convenience, all of our tables have been specially designed for notebook computer users. Researchers may photocopy materials for a minimal charge.

Since 1999, we have digitized over 540,000 pages of rare Pentecostal publications, which are text-searchable and accessible on the research room computers. Click here for a guide to our digitized periodicals.

Our research center also includes a separate audiovisual room, which allows visitors to view our A/V resources in privacy. This room contains a wide variety of A/V equipment, including video, audio, and reel-to-reel machines, a wire recorder, and a microfilm reader-printer.

What am I permitted to do with the materials I order?

Books, Record Group Items, and Periodicals

With the exception of copyrighted materials, books and record group items can be photocopied and mailed to your address. After making your request please allow us 5-7 business days to respond to your request. Each such request will be considered individually. The fulfillment of photocopy requests will depend on copyright laws and staff availability. Only 200 pages of photocopies will be allowed by any one researcher in a 30-day period. We reserve the right to refuse to fulfill any request.

Terms and Conditions

Photocopied materials and PDF files are for personal research only. Only after receiving express written permission from the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center may items be republished in paper or digital formats. Each request must include a detailed description of the proposed publication.

If permission is given for the use of materials for publication, one copy of the publication must be deposited at the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center. A thesis or dissertation is considered a publication.

Audio and Video Resources

Traditional Formats and Non-Traditional

Many of our audio and video resources can be ordered in tape and video cassette formats. We also offer the option of copying audio and the audio portion of video tape on to an audio CD. In a few cases we also offer the option to download certain audio files that have been transferred to MP3 and RealAudio formats.

Terms and Conditions

The sale of audio and video resources is meant for personal use only. The Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center will not give permission for our audio and video resources to be presented or distributed on the Internet, through e-mail, or any other digital means. As an exception to this rule, the FPHC permits distribution through electronic and other means of its audio and video resources with the logo or other proprietary markings embedded by the FPHC.


For Publication or For Personal Use

When ordering a photograph one must first determine if he/she intends to use the photo in a publication of if the intended use is for personal use. As the prices differ and we have no way to determine your intended use, we are trusting that you will be honest regarding this matter.

Digital Copies

All the photographs that we have scanned to date are in a publication quality TIF file. These can be viewed as thumbnails when searching the database for photographs. If the record says "Thumbnail not available at this time" the image has not yet been scanned. None of the photos have been retouched as we intend to present the most accurate reproduction of the original. Therefore, if the original is out of focus or has either too much contrast or not enough, so will the scanned image. You can either download the TIF image for a fee using the shopping cart or, for those who have slow Internet connection, you can have it burned to CD-ROM for an additional cost of $2 per image.

Hard Copies

Many of our 17,000+ photographs can be ordered in the traditional hard copy format. Sizes available include 3x5, 5x7, and 8x10. Please allow 7-12 days for delivery as often we have to send the original to the photo lab.

Terms and Conditions

Permission is granted for a one-time use of each individual photograph ordered from the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center. By downloading or ordering a photograph one automatically agrees to the terms and conditions. No refunds are given for returned products. In the case of a damaged product, a replacement will be provided. If published, the image may by used in the direct promotion of the work stated, and for any subsequent editions of the same work, but not for any other publication without renegotiations.

The Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center will not give permission for our photographs to be presented or distributed on the Internet, through e-mail, or any other digital means. As an exception to this rule, the FPHC permits distribution through electronic and other means of its photographs with the logo embedded by the FPHC.

The credit line must read: "Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center."

The Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center reserves the right to refuse permission for any use of its collection that might violate its established policies and procedures. All photograph orders, including downloads, must be approved by FPHC via a written contract that will either be e-mailed, faxed, or mailed to the interested parties.

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